Sunday, December 8, 2013

an excerpt from a drunken love note

This morning I woke one does.

You were next to me.

There was light to see, but it was mostly grey. There were sounds to hear, but it was mostly quiet....It felt early.

In summer, light precedes day; the sounds follow.  In winter: immersed in blackness, it starts alone.  Sound and light: one has a sense of when mixture has been

Lights, commotion, awareness: it's time to get up.

It felt like it was maybe time to get up...I laid there looking and listening.  There were colors....and noises...I turned to you.

You were had been with me all night and yet you looked like you had just you had come from afar and collapsed next to me. 

I let you be...I had my morning.

You woke up and you apologized.  

I told you I was just doing what I would have been doing anyway, but that was a lie....I knew it as soon as I said it.  It would not have been the same.  Having you there, my morning felt different than 'my' usual morning.  It felt peaceful and free.  I liked knowing you were there.  I drank coffee and read my book and cut the top off that Mr. Brown can.  I was doing what I might have been doing anyway, but it felt different.

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