Tuesday, January 7, 2014

my deepest, darkest secret

i'm terrified that one day you're going to wake up and realize that i am not the things you imagined me to be. that you had hoped i could be. that you had believed me to be. that i am not special or unique, for you, in any way. that i only simply love you. and that you will hate me for loving you. and i'm terrified because i know the first parts are true. there is nothing very special or unique or awe-worthy. but i will love you. i will love you even when there is nothing else i can do or anything else i can give. and me loving you may be the only thing i can give. but i will give it all.

i've been hated for loving before. i've been left because of it.
i hope you can tolerate being loved.
i need someone to tolerate it.

and i hope you can love me.

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