Monday, April 16, 2007

going green.

this is some fucking shit. for the record, it is April 16th, 2007 and there is a serious snow and wind effect going on right now. snow. in april. the middle of april. with police sirens about every 15 minutes. ok, maybe that piece i'm reading into a little too much. that's just good old Philadelphia! i invite anyone who doesn't believe in global warming to take a look at the blizzard outside my window. because i'm kind of scared the way a 7 year old freaks when they see lightening and hear thunder. i think instead of being a closet tree-hugger, i'm just going to go the blatant crunchy granola route. be proud to be green. i'm off to make a snowman on my way to work. and/or be killed by a bus when 50 knot gale force winds throw me in front of a bus. nor'easter 2007...woooooooo!!

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