Wednesday, April 25, 2007

sista, sista.

melishka82: omg. i found our new celeb sister pair.
Tamcat 09: whoooo
melishka82: vanessa and angela simmons
melishka82: totes.
Tamcat 09: dont say totes
melishka82: whatevs. you are angela. and i am vanessa.
melishka82: i mean you're bitchier than angela
melishka82: and i'm fatter than vanessa
melishka82: but other than that, they are sooo our new celebrity sister pair
melishka82: yessss they were just screaming at each other
Tamcat 09: is it on now??
melishka82: yes
Tamcat 09: umm and breaktime from studying.
Tamcat 09: how come i have to be the fatter one
melishka82: it's not because she's fat
melishka82: it's b/c she's bratty to her sister
Tamcat 09: yayyy my food just came
melishka82: it's late to eat
Tamcat 09 : umm im hungry?
melishka82: i ran a 2 hour group and than a 40min individual session with a group member who came in suicidal and was so freaked out and had my period so i went to bassetts ice cream and ate two servings.
Tamcat 09: tell me to put down the bread. i cantttt
Tamcat 09: holy shit i cant move
Tamcat 09: i like to dip the bread into the cheese and dressing afterwards
melishka82: um
Tamcat 09: um or yum??
Tamcat 09: i went to dunkin twice today ... not normal huh
melishka82: do you like vomit your food? b/c you're like 20lbs lighter than me
Tamcat 09: omg im nauseous
Tamcat 09: and it's not my fault i have a fast metabolism. and am pretty.

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