Sunday, May 6, 2007

who wouldn't love my 21 year old sister?

Tamcat 09: ummm some WEIRDO in my clinical group (shes 21) was unnecessarily forthcoming with the details of her life the other day at LUNCH and tells us she and her boyfriend have been "trying" for months now
Tamcat 09: i don't even know this girl
Tamcat 09: and i go, "WAIT trying for WHAT?"
Tamcat 09: basically they aren't married and they are 21 and they are trying to have a baby
Tamcat 09: and she is moving to nj because otherwise he would 'probably break up with her' if she didn't move to be closer to him
Tamcat 09: im like, "sounds like he likes you a lot"
Tamcat 09: good thing you are trying to have his baby before you graduate college

Tamcat 09: she is so freakin dumb
Tamcat 09: and her boyfriend also has some kind of low sperm count or something so its like a PROCESS and she was talking about freezing stuff and whatever and its like, its lunch and your clinical professor is sitting next to you, and no one cares to boot. WHY ARE YOU TELLING US THIS
Tamcat 09: im like, "i don't like you"
Tamcat 09: plus , no one asked about your life plans
Tamcat 09: i'm like honestly, GOOD LUCK in life. that is the stupidest idea i have ever heard
Tamcat 09: then i go, "funny.... i've been trying to NOT get pregnant"

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