Wednesday, January 31, 2007

and this is why she's my best friend.

melishka82 (7:48:32 PM): i'm so fucking sick laur and i have a paper due tomorrow
LAM14 (7:48:36 PM): really?
melishka82 (7:48:38 PM): and i'm so behind
melishka82 (7:48:43 PM): yeah really. i want to kill myself
melishka82 (7:49:07 PM): probably b/c i'm like packed in like a sardine on the bus every morning
LAM14 (7:49:15 PM): oh my god i know
melishka82 (7:49:16 PM): i like constantly have a vitamin C drop in my mouth and am like, DON'T FUCKING TOUCH ME!!
LAM14 (7:49:22 PM): you need to take airborne
LAM14 (7:49:25 PM): i know. i felt so dirty tonight on the way home
melishka82 (7:49:37 PM): i know seriously, i want to take like five showers
melishka82 (7:49:44 PM): people are disgusting
LAM14 (7:49:48 PM): they so are
melishka82 (7:49:53 PM): i have to put my ipod on full blast b/c otherwise i will end up freaking out
LAM14 (7:50:09 PM): when i hold on to the bar i put my glove on
melishka82 (7:50:10 PM): i have like fantasies of the germs all over me, eating me alive...ok so that's kind of intense
melishka82 (7:50:46 PM): i haven't slept in like three days
LAM14 (7:50:47 PM): you should take a tylenol pm
melishka82 (7:51:50 PM): the only good news is that i am winning those marc jacobs glasses on ebay so's the only thing keeping me going..and i swear to god, if some fuck outbids me, i'm ending my life.
LAM14 (7:51:59 PM): that is good news. i want a bottle of chanel perfume but it's like 95 bucks for one ounce
LAM14 (7:52:24 PM): i know, that would push me over the edge too
melishka82 (7:52:55 PM): i know but sometiems lauren it's worth it
LAM14 (7:52:57 PM): it's the material things in the world..that push me through
melishka82 (7:53:00 PM): isnt it though. i can admit that...i'm not scuuured
LAM14 (7:53:10 PM): good. me either. i'm proud.
melishka82 (7:53:17 PM): haha i love you
LAM14 (7:53:38 PM): i think i have a big nose
melishka82 (7:53:43 PM): lauren.
melishka82 (7:53:47 PM): you have lost your mind. SERIOUSLY LOST YOUR MIND.
LAM14 (7:54:08 PM): fine
LAM14 (7:54:19 PM): i have adult acne
melishka82 (7:54:24 PM): hahahah WHO ARE YOU?????
LAM14 (7:54:30 PM): i do. i've never had this, even when i was 17, okay
melishka82 (7:54:45 PM): oh my god, i've known your face for like 12 years.
LAM14 (7:54:50 PM): i know
melishka82 (7:54:52 PM): get over it. yo'u'e wrong
LAM14 (7:54:54 PM): you never have one pimple. not one
melishka82 (7:55:07 PM): OHMYGOD. ARE YOU KIDDING ME
LAM14 (7:55:10 PM): hahahahah.. i knew the would fire you up
LAM14 (7:55:18 PM): but seriously. you don't
melishka82 (7:55:31 PM): take a look at my face. i have to walk through wind tunnels everyday of my life to get to work. it's like the skin is gone. i go through like a tub of ponds creme a week
LAM14 (7:55:54 PM): gross
melishka82 (7:55:56 PM): hahahha
LAM14 (7:57:20 PM): remember the vanilla cupcake convo we had
LAM14 (7:57:23 PM): in college
melishka82 (7:57:24 PM):
melishka82 (7:57:26 PM): what are you talking about?
LAM14 (7:57:37 PM): that i said there was vanilla cupcakes in my kitchen
melishka82 (7:57:44 PM): we WOULD have a vanilla cupcake talk
LAM14 (7:57:45 PM): they are my favorite
LAM14 (7:57:55 PM): so it was there and i went down at ate one
LAM14 (7:58:02 PM): and for some reason you thought it was so great
melishka82 (7:58:18 PM): b/c you fill your sorrow with food? of course i'm into that.
melishka82 (7:58:29 PM): but i dont really remember this convo
LAM14 (7:58:33 PM): it was our senior year i think
melishka82 (7:58:54 PM): god laur. that's so three years ago. is this an old joke?
LAM14 (7:59:00 PM): haha. WAIT. what's this San Fran thing?
melishka82 (7:59:28 PM): i'm starting my life over on the west coast
LAM14 (7:59:33 PM): jesus. the east coast needs you
melishka82 (7:59:46 PM): yeah right, i'm over it
melishka82 (7:59:57 PM): i mean whatev, you know i'll always be an east coast gangsta
melishka82 (8:00:05 PM): but there's something about the west coast that is calling my name
melishka82 (8:00:21 PM): not in the L.A., "i'm totally vapid" way, but just in the 'maybe i can find my soft spot again way'
LAM14 (8:00:25 PM): will never judge you for your life choices, but you best believe i'll shit talk your jeans.
LAM14 (8:02:12 PM): yea i'm gonna go eat. i love you.
melishka82 (8:02:43 PM): byeee
LAM14 (8:02:51 PM): byeee

and by the fucking by......i didn't win those fucking Marc Jacobs sunglasses.

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