Monday, January 15, 2007

"If I'm lyin', I'm dyin'!"

One word. Dreamgirls.
Two words. Jennifer Hudson.
Three words. Go see it!!!

Totally didn't think I would be into it. Seemed so overplayed and let's be serious, I saw Beyonce in Austin Powers and her acting is sub-par. Totally triple love her and rock her songs in my apartment, in my car, on my iPod. I know my summer would not have been complete without busting out Deja Vu with Tyler every chance we got. I'm even willing to admit that Destiny's Child was my THING in 1999 and I went to the TRL Summer Tour Concert with Nelly and Co. just to see her. (Ok, so that was more embarrassing to admit than I thought it would be). The point is, I'll give you points for being beautiful (albeit white) and for having a great voice, but let's stick with the singing. But it's totally awesome to see her bow down from lead role. Play back-up to Hudson. Not be top diva.
Jennifer Hudson on the other hand....??! FABULOUS. Oh my god, her voice is fucking unbelievable. Where has she been??? She also totally brought the angry black girl circa 1960 to the film and she did it so well. And when she sang, the movie theater literally if it was a real performance. Sick-good. She carried the movie, for sure.
No one else but Eddie Murphy could have done the role of Jimmy. Hilarious.
And hell, bravo to Danny Glover. I thought he lost his shit a while back and was out of commission. Evidently not.
And Jamie Foxx as Curtis? Come on now. There is something super hot about him, in a power type of way. His devious planning of the Dreams' descent throughout the movie, while single-handedly trying to prove himself....but to who? Kanye West did us all a favor bringing him into the Golddigger song/video and introducing us all to his forgotten sexiness. So even though he's such an asshole in the movie, you still want to sleep with him. Ok, maybe that's just me.

There was laughter. There were tears. There were disgustingly glitzy costumes. There was the Broadway effect. There was attitude. There was girl power. There was poignance in highlighting the struggle that black performers faced not just in becoming stars, but in gaining basic respect from society at large.

Aesthetic perks: Jennifer Hudson's solos.
Beyonce Knowles' photo shoots/still photographs.
The shots of Chicago, Detroit, New York...both in their glamour and destructive poverty.

Plus, i totally loved the subtle connection to the original Destiny's Child breakup. Wonder what the hell LaToya is doing with herself these days. She should probably know that while Effie White (Florence Ballard) came back in the real life, she became an alcoholic and a crack addict and died miserably in the 70's. you know, just note to self.

Addendum!!: Had I not seen this movie at the Bridge in Philly, I highly doubt the sociological/race relations experience of the whole thing would have been quite the same. It's kind of like when I was talking to a couple in Marathon who were on their way to see the movie and I made a comment about liking Beyonce, to which the woman responded, "PSSHHHH! Beyonce ain't no thing. Girl's a sell-out, but you wouldn't know that. Jennifer Hudson is it." Well, paint me stupid white girl and show me the light that is Jennifer Hudson. I stand reformed.

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