Tuesday, January 30, 2007

sad day...

welp, it's been confirmed. blake, from dancelife, is gay. no doubt about it. i was totally holding out that his sexy self was just really stylish and spoke kinda cute. i mean, he's from toronto....they do things different up there. and that accent will get you everytime. i texted alex and let her know that, in fact, blake is gay. she told me not to underestimate her gaydar. i told her not to overestimate mine. which could be kind of a problem, actually. i think i tend to stay away from all things labeling, such as, "my gay friend Joe" or "that black guy Chris"...it just annoys me. it's kind of like, "oh that fat girl melanie". who wants to be categorized by one specific characteristic? i'm beginning to realize this may be a problem in my dating world though. and looking back, there may have been some questionables.
whatever, at least they wore nice jeans.
i'm still maintaining blake's ultra sexiness though...anyone who can move themselves the way he does and be that big of a drama baby (I bet you thought i was going to say queen, didn't you?) is okay in my book.

i feel though if i start counting out the questionables, the only thing i'm left with is the potential for overgrown lame douchebags.
take this story for example...

A friend of mine at school last week told me that she has someone she would like to hook me up with. Obviously I asked her if he was a douchebag. To which, obviously, she replied how unbelievably wonderful he is. Oh yeah? If he's so wonderful, why isn't he dating anyone? (I could keep this game going forever.) So then she says (and you know what's coming), "Oh he had a really serious girlfriend who he recently broke up with".
And there it is.
I was like, "Yeah, I'll pass thanks." She goes, "No, no. It was like seven months ago and he hasn't been with anyone since!"
As if it could get worse.
Clearly I replied with, "Been there, done that, bought the T-shirt. Tell him to give me a call in 2 years. And by two years I mean in two years that he hasn't spoken/seen/fucked/crawled back to her like a baby." Thinking it would end there, she followed up with, "Yeah, but he's really hot."
And she might have a point there, because I've seen her husband (yes you read husband correctly) and he's super hot. And a chemical engineer.
But then that idea went to shit immediately as she said, "I'll call you Saturday night. They're all doing a bar crawl through Center City and you can meet up."
And scene.

So in conclusion, why am I in denial of Blake being gay? Why am I always in denial of gay guys being gay? I'll tell you why...perhaps if some straight guys could get it together enough to attract me, we wouldn't be having this problem.
Although, I'm beginning to re-think this whole chemical engineer idea. mommy would like some financial security in her life. kidding! as if i'm that superficial.
clearly, i am only re-considering because he's supposedly hot. and so i'm the rebound. big deal. i RULE at being the re-bound. i've perfected it, in fact. i'm going to start tallying. This will be number five. Love potion!

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