Thursday, February 15, 2007

and in closing...

an email i got from a friend this morning...

"Why do men think it's ok to horn in on what is obviously girl time? Molly and I were having a drink (at the Feminist Working Group happy hour, which was not attended by any of the feminists, who were clearly all at home with their men. Sellouts.) and this drunk jackass kept trying to talk to us. And it's semi-acceptable if there are two men, but with one it was just sad. He sat down with us and horned in on the last 45 minutes of our ladies night. Also it was very clear from the beginning that neither of us were going to get with him. The worst part is that all of his friends left, and he stayed behind and hung out with us. He literally asked me "what's the craziest thing you've ever done" because apparently I was on an episode of Blind Date tonight. Men are lame, being single is where it's at. Good night."

------> [My follow up thought....duh, you knew that was coming]
i have no idea why men think it's okay to hone in on girl time. probably because they think they're amazing and clearly the only reason women would be out together is to meet them. I mean obviously, all girls are dying for a boyfriend and any lame ass will do...didn't you get the memo? Maybe single boys need love on valentine's day too. although i'm pretty sure there is nothing worse than groveling on valentine's day of all days. i mean, "what's the craziest thing you've ever done?" ???? come on now, save that conversation kicker for saturday night!
There should seriously be roped off sections in straight bars where women can go when they're just trying to have fun with their girlfriends and don't want to be bothered by douchebags.
This is a prime example why I truly enjoy the gay boy scene.
Being single IS where it's at. Never doubt it.

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