Monday, February 26, 2007

my oscar judg - - opinions.

Beyonce is no longer black.
Gwyneth is totally preggers.
Cam didn't lose as much weight as one would expect after breaking up with JT.
Anne Hathaway's experience with wearing Prada has totally succumbed her to Hollywood anorexia.
I idolize Meryl Streep. But, I mean, who doesn't?
I cursed that 8 year old from "Little Miss Sunshine" for the entire 3 hours because she's 8 and at the Oscars and up for an Academy Award and my mom ruined my life by not letting me to go to NYC and audition for commercials. See if i thank her in my speech in five years.
Kirsten Dunst is indeed a troll and I was completely validated by Jay from ANTM who blatantly called her out on such.
Loving all the political soapbox addendums to all the thank you speeches.
The grandfather from Little Miss Sunshine had a really moving speech. I had goosembumps. Not gonna lie.
Where was Jakey?????????
Oh my god, "Jesus Camp" was up for an Oscar..SAY WHAT?????
God, I want Al Gore to run for president..."It's not a political issue, it is a moral issue."
Go Clint Eastwood - he translated like a five minute thank you speech by an Italian winner all on the spur of the moment. with big words. Really? Clint Eastwood? Who would've thunk it.
Michael Arndt -the writer for the "Little Miss Sunshine script" (who quit being Matthew Broderick's assistant to do so) - totally creepy, but definitely cute. Okay....maybe just creepy.
What is the huge deal about Martin Scorsese winning an Oscar? I don't get it but I also don't really care enough to Google it. Also..does it creep anyone else out that he has a 7 year old daughter? Right.
I don't know if you've seen "Pursuit of Happyness", but if you haven't, 1) you're missing out and 2) Will Smith totally deserved that Oscar. even though Forrest Whittaker was cute as a button giving his acceptance speech.
"To my wife Tatiana..." --cue the 'get the hell of the stage' music- "No! I have to say one more thing! Tatiana! Tatiana!! I love you! I love you Tatiana!" (ok inside joke).
and, Jennifer Hudson...three words..YOU GO GIRL.
I still want Beyonce's hair.

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