Wednesday, February 14, 2007

happy vday to me.

blehhhhhh. the ice storm is really making it even better. speaking of which, i'm not really sure what to do about going into work because i don't think the buses are running. i love how the weather channel writes on its website that driving this morning would be extremely dangerous and you shouldn't be doing it, but yet no one calls to close the office. like i know it's the world of non-profit, but let's get a grip. i don't even have a client until 11, but wonder how much trouble i'll get in if i don't go in. i'm just not quite sure how i'm going to get there......because i'm sure as hell not walking. i'm putting my cold (because the wind is blowing through my closed window) foot down. and there is ice coating my windows. nice.

so, happy Vday to me. i kind of want to buy myself a cupcake today. love myself a little. of course, in the end, i would end up hating myself because i shouldn't be eating anything like a cupcake. it's a vicious cycle.
to all of the three people who read this blog, i hope your day is good and ends up being a little special. you should buy yourself a cupcake. you have skinny legs, so it doesn't really matter.

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