Saturday, February 10, 2007

JT still hot. Scarlett still [totally] not.

Here's the bootleg director's cut of JT's new song, "What Goes Around Comes Around" with that tranny whore Scarlett Johanssen. Listen, I'm not saying that Cameron Diaz is all that great -- I mean, between the joker mouth and the overplayed ADHD, she's quite possibly the most annoying human being over the age of 30-- but christ, anyone's better than Scarlett. She's so unattractive and just totally obnoxiously pretentious. That girl carries herself as if she's all that and then some. Can you actually picture her being anything other than a fat seductress? I kind of feel that she may just wake up in the morning and talk to everyone that way. Breathing heavily, speaking in some kind of faux accent which can't even be relegated to a specific region, slinking around L.A. And when you think about it that way, it's not really that hard to figure out how she's landed herself in so many movies. I guess some people can really make a living from selling themselves....literally. She's got her homewrecker routine down's quite impressive, really. There is seriously an unnecessary amount of groping/nakedness/touching in this video. She's stuck to him in ways that make me truly believe that the director is really more in the soft core porn industry. Yeah, Scarlett completely fits the, "Just don't get it" category of girls. As in, the girls who guys found attractive when every other girl finds her incredibly annoying and not at all attractive. Mind boggling...gets me everytime.

Note: JT just gets sexier and sexier. And the boy can somewhat act. Remember the sleezy, bleached, 'down-the-shore', wigger ways of justin back in the day? Now he's ultra-sex. Who doesn't love the 180 degree celebrity change?

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